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In stock form at Pismo Beach, Ca.

Since I was a young boy I have loved sports cars that are made for driving fast on curvy roads. My favorite as a child was the 911 Turbo. I spent many hours looking at a poster on my wall dreaming about driving one. I thought the 959 Turbo (originally intended to be a rally car) was pure genius and I studied the details of the AWD and suspension. I would still love to own one of these someday (and it is now possible to legally drive one in the US modified to comply with US laws)...meanwhile, back in the real world, I owned four Subarus before my STI, which I bought in May 2010. I don't have pictures of any of them but they were: a Legacy Wagon (with the wierd pneumatic height adjustment system), a Legacy Sedan, and then two Impreza Outbacks (one of which was totaled (while parked) when a night shift nurse plowed into it while sleep-driving on her way home from work). Other than those I have only owned Jeeps (two Wranglers, a '69 CJ-5 and two Cherokees). The current Jeep is a trail machine with fairly heavy modification (air lockers, 6" lift, headers, etc.).

When I decided to buy an STI, I did my research and knew exactly what I wanted. I am a professsional ski patroller in the winter and was offered a discount by SOA because they sponsor the National Ski Patrol. I took the letter from SOA to my local dealer and told them that I wanted an OBP or DGM SE and to call me when they had one. Two weeks went by and they never called. When I called them back they told me they had one, but they didn't want to sell it to me because they wouldn't make any money on it with the discount. I called SOA and told them that I wanted to comply with their request that I deal with my local dealer, but that I wasn't getting what I wanted from them. They told me they would work on it, and two days later the dealer called to let me know that they were recieving another DGM SE and that I could buy one from them. Finally! I am not a patient person and waiting three weeks to get my car was killing me...

So, after arguing with the anoying woman that tried really hard to sell me the extended warrantee, I left the dealer with my new (6 miles on the ODO) SE with only all weather mats, paint and underbody protection and roof bars for options. The roof bars are not pretty, but I bought Yakima ski racks and bike racks the first week and have one or the other installed all year, unless I am on a road trip.

Current Mods:
I added a hardwired Beltronics STi driver in the first week of ownership. I have it mounted in the upper driver's side windshield tapped into the compass mirror wire. It easily paid for itself in the first six months.
The first real "mod" was 17" OZ 35th Anniversary wheels with Blizzaks. I am very happy with this set-up for the winter commute. My drive in the winter is 25 miles (one way) up a 6-8% grade with constant curves, big potholes, semi trucks to pass, packed snow, cinders, ice, etc. It can be gnarly, but this tire/wheel combo makes easy work of it. I am still sometimes suprised that I can go 65 around a 45mph turn on packed snow without the slightest slip. These wheels are not the sexiest, to say the least, but a stiff and heavy (26.6 lbs) wheel is much better for rutted snow and potholes than a delicate race wheel that gets tossed around and makes you cringe when you drive on torn up pavement. I don't clean them in the winter, and you can see why...

In the photo above you can see my second and third mods: Rally Armor V2 mudflaps and a Bayson-R lip, sanded, painted DGM, and clearcoated.

So, besides a K&N panel filter, Cobb AP, and a Tim Bailey pro tune (Stage 1), that's it as she sits right now.

(iPhone pic from April 22, 2011. Link to dynograph is below.)

Dyno Database Online

Future Mods:
(If anyone has advice, tips on these mods, feel free to reply. The links are for my own information so I don't have to search to find a product or how-to thread.)


On their way to me in the mail are:
1. SRP pedals to help with wet shoe grip and heel/toe shifts
2. GrillCraft scoop and lower grills to keep the rocks out of the fins, etc.

To be completed in the next month:
3. Debadge the rear and red Krylon the tails
4. Tint 35% all the way around
5. Repair chips/scratches on the front bumper, get clear bra installed
6. Apr 22, I have an apt. with T. Bailey to get an AP and Stage 1. <--DONE!!

To be completed in the near future (By end of 2011):
7. TWM short shifter with bushing
8. RCE Yellows w/ Bilsteins or coliovers, not decided yet.
YouTube - RaceComp Engineering Regular Guy Springs How-To Install
9. Some kind of Sat Nav/DVD head unit (what kind?)
Pac-audio.com Steering Wheel Interface | iPod Integration for your car and More by Pac-Audio - Connecting you to the future
a) rear camera
b) sub
c) sound deadening
10. Sways (which ones are a good improvement over stock SE suspension?)
11. Various bushings
a) Kartboy diff inserts
b) Kartboy rear subframe inserts
Mount Upgrades - Turn in Concepts
c) Kartboy front shifter stay bushings
Kartboy 6MT front shifter stay bushing
d) Control Arm Bushings
e) ALK
f) Camber Bushings
g) Trailing Arm Bushings
Sometime later mods:
12. Cobb or Invidia catted DP, Stage 2 protune (trying to resist for now)
13. Exhaust
14. Wider wheels and tires

Anything I'm missing...?


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I am really impressed with the change. I loaded the OTS map first, went for a drive, noticed a big difference and then had the pro tune done and drove 145 miles home. It was awesome. I think my radar detector paid for itself on that drive because Sport# had me feeling so catty on the freeway.

Besides the power increase, which feels huge, the smoothness of the power delivery from a stop up to whatever speed is really nice. Tim showed me the stock power curve and it looked like a drunk snail trail.
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