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While searching Ebay today under the search heading Subaru WRX STi, this listing came up:


In short, this a$$hole is scamming people. What's worse is that he has several of these listed for a variety of cars and people are actually buying them! Notice that he has made it a private auction so that you can't email potential victims. Does anyone know how to email ebay to report him? Notice in the ad that he talks about "old fashioned turbo and intercooler setups" and that a t03 flows only 650cfm while his cheesy plastic 'electric turbo' flows up to 450cfm and gives you up to 60+ horsepower for only $29. I guess people will buy anything these days. If you look in his feedback, you'll see some posts of "satisfied" customers that have bought from this d!&k before. Sorry, I know there's not much STi content to this post, but I thought many of you would appreciate the humor in it.
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