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Alright guys and gals, the GB is back open to sell the remaining braces in the lot (we ordered a TON). Same price, same deal on shipping just without the wait!!!

The list starts here and goes till we hit 15 people
1. Deuce Cam
2. trippin
3. STi_Rat
4. H8rade
5. boost_happy
6. Sti491
7. jasv11
8. resonant_evil
9. whiteguyblacksti
--------------------------------------old GB-----------------------------
Alright guys and gals,
This is the Group Buy for the X-Brace by The Car Lab (X-Brace thread)

Update (9-11-06):
We are trying to get pricing ASAP
Wrap up of this GB is expected the middle of october

Update (9-25-06):
Alright, so all we have now is pricing for the chromo. Seeing how it was in high demand we started with that. The price will be $400 on a minimum of 25 orders. Shipping is not included, but this is not an especially big, or heavy item so shipping should not be too much (i would say on the order of $30 tops, unless you live in alaska, or BFE ;))

The chromo braces should be ready to ship out mid October, so we will be wrapping this GB up fairly soon.

Now for the bad news. I was informed that this is a one time thing! Car Labs has expressed no interest in another group buy, but since HPSN and IWSTi know the vendor they are letting us have this one ;) So basicly if you want one, now is the time.

Update (9-26-06):
Alright guys, here we go for payment info!!! Paypal is the prefered method of payment, and we WILL start taking payments as soon as we get 25 people. Please PM me your paypal address if you already on the list.

If you do not have paypal, we are working on CC info.

Update (9-29-06):
Kudos to all the guys at HSPN for making an install video for the X-Brace. You can watch it here (http://www.hspn.tv/?videoid=68&catid=1)

Update (10-4-06):
They got back to us on shipping, from their location to Mass is $30 ground and $80 3 day. Same goes for TX. They said that these are the longest distances so you know it should not be more than $440 to your door :)

Update (10-17-06):
Altight Guys here is the skinny, CL is a small company is trying as hard as they can to produce these (now that there is really a demand for them) and with SEMA comming up, they have diverted their efforts to the show. SO that means they will be shipped after SEMA. thats the good word.. so the wait is still on.

They have some done and almost ready to be shipped!!! Therefore WILL be starting payment ASAP. I'll post more later tonight!!!

Alright! Well we had an inside scope into the CL workings today and let me tell you CL rocks! EACH and EVERY X-brace is hand made here in the US. The engineers only have a few jigs to work with and most of their time is devoted to other things (yes CL does other stuff, that generates more revenue than selling X-braces).

So what does this mean? The first shipment 5-10 Braces are getting painted now and should be ready to be shipped out later next week. I'll be PMing the first few of you for payment asap (monday at the latest).

From then on, they guesstimated They could produce 5 braces a week. Leaving a 7 week gap until the last ones are shipped out! Yes, thats a long time, but they are HAND MADE, so it takes time.

Also things to note there will be NO STEEL Braces made, as they are discontinuing them. So its Chromo only

Last bit of info. The GB will close Friday of next week, so if you want in, now is the time!!

When you receive a PM saying you can pay, and you can't for some reason (to many lap dances, expensive wife, Christmas, dog... whatever). YOU MUST PM me back (even if you paid you still need to pm me) saying you want to be moved. Your placement is at MY discretion, so i can move you to the bottom of the list if I want. SO, pm me asap so i can move you and PM someone else who can pay.

The reason I'm doing this is we are working with a small(ish) company (car labs) and with only 40 units they are doing us a HUGE favor. So in turn, we want them to get their money ASAP. The phrase "money talks" works well here. The faster we get them money the faster they will pump out braces, which means you all get them faster.

Look at page 12 for pictures!! Looks like everyone will get them by christmas!

PM's have been sent to everyone on the list to pay!!

Alright guys, I listed below the people that have paid and have PMed me about it. If you have NOT paid, please do ASAP. Dec 20th the remaining X-braces will opened up to the public. If you have not PMed me, please do so!!!

TO ALL of the people in the GB, PLEASE look over your Braces. Its come to our attention that the welds in the braces are very poor and that the strut tops are of poor quality as well. I urge you to look over your brace and if there is a problem PM me ASAP (with pictures if you can).

CL Development
Press Release

The following statement is meant to address several issues with the X-Brace group buy.

Firstly, we would like to apologize to those who have received X-Braces center plates with aesthetically unpleasing welds. Early in the production run, 5 or 6 center plates were welded using an outside vendor that we no longer use.

Regardless of appearance, these welds are just as strong as any of others. Also, keep in mind, the X-Brace system is significantly stronger than your chassis and therefore the integrity of the product should not ever be an issue.

IWSTI update (12/18/06):
“TO ALL of the people in the GB, PLEASE look over your Braces. Its come to our attention that the welds in the braces are very poor and that the strut tops are of poor quality as well.”

To clarify, only 5 or 6 X-Braces were shipped with aesthetically unpleasing welds. Structurally, all X-Braces welds are exceptionally strong and measured to the highest standards.

In order to meet shipping dates, several center plates were TIG welded along side of the normal MIG weld assembly line. This process is much more complex than MIG welding and is significantly slower and more expensive process. For those that got a TIG welded X-Brace, consider it a Christmas present.

With the exception of those few, all X-Braces are being made in house and are welded by a team of expert welders. Each X-Brace requires more than 100 inches of welds per center plate.

As for the strut tops, the nut that is welded to the strut top is there for convenience in a spot that is hard to reach and thus the welds are used to hold it in position only. The threads are what provide strength.

There has also been mention of Loc-Tite in the install guide. The X-Braces that are being shipped out are using Nord Lock locking washers and therefore do not need Loc-Tite. The install guide you may have received reflects the old installation process.

Those that have received center plate with welds of questionable appearance, CL development is happy to ship you a new center plate However, in order to receive a new X-Brace center plate you must follow the warranty card provided and/or contact us directly. We can not comb the forums looking for people who unsatisfied.

To reiterate:

To the best of our knowledge, only 5 or 6 X-Braces were shipped with welds that were poor in appearance.

No X-Braces were shipped with structural deficiencies of any sort, regardless of appearance.

Several X-Braces were shipped with TIG welds. If you got one, count yourself lucky.

If you feel your X-Brace is one with poor welds, please contact CL Development directly.

Thank you,

Please Contact

Norm Roberts
[email protected]


400 + S&H for the Chromo!

People that have paid and PMed me.
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Put me down as #4

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Well, IF the 'moly was on sale for $400 at one point at Renick...and if he can do that, put me down.

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We are talking to The Car Lab and they will be calling IWSTI tomorrow with pricing for our members since Renick is not a vendor on this forum. HSPN (www.hspn.com) should have the video installation guide up very soon. I have already seen the rough edit and it does not look very difficult at all.

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Put me on the maybe list for a chromolly.

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You can add chromolly to my name too.
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