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WTT: Cobb 3" catbackfor HKS Carbon Ti catback

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Whats up guys, I am looking to trade my Cobb 3" catback for an HKS Carbon Ti catback. The exhaust is in good condition, Im just bored with it.

Let me know what you got and maybe we can work something out. Not really looking to ship as I don't want to be without and exhaust lol

I am located in Beaufort SC

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Hey bro... I have an HKS carbon TI ... But I'm in Pa!
Dammit..... its tempting, but I don't want to be without an exhaust. The car is my DD.
I feel yah! My car is gonna be down for a week or 2 for my build =)
That sucks but atleast itll be built now lol

i have a carbon ti im trying to sell. Im in MD. EMail me if interested. I will be posting it tonight.

[email protected]
Thanks for the offer, but Im just trying to trade for the time being.
Re: WTT: Cobb 3" catback for HKS Carbon Ti catback

Bump it!!!!!
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