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Hi friends!

If anyone wants to trade their Wedssport TC105N's in 18x9 +35mm or in 18x9.5 +35mm (in 5x114.3, of course) for my brand new in the box, Enkei RPF1's in 18x9 +35mm specs (in 5x114.3), feel free to reach out to me! I'll gladly add money on top depending on the conditions of the TC105N's!

Alternatively, if anyone wants to buy the RPF1's off me outright, I'll be asking $1.1k shipped or $1k picked up within ~100 miles of the San Francisco Bay Area. Feel free to message me if you want to work out a deal on a potential trade. I am only interested in a trade for a wheel that is lightweight (weighs in less than 19 lbs and must be within the specs of 18x9.0 to 18x9.5 and between the offsets of +35 to +42). The RPF1's in 18x9 +35 weigh in at 17.10 lbs. The worst I can do is turn down your offer. Feel free to send me a message about a potential trade.


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