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WRX STi in SOLO (I & II) Competition

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I was going to be a WRX trade-in to upgrade to STI - but since it looks like the STI will not be allowed to compete in STX (SCCA SOLOII classification), I will be doing something different.

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A little note to everyone...

That Vince Bly guy is AGAINST AWD cars. This is the same guy that told me three years ago that they were kicking the RS's out of STS because they "were overdogs". And guess what they are doing now... :(

On the same note, I think both the STi and EVO would be overdogs in STX, so it would probably be best to exclude them, and I agree with the STAC. I don't agree with kicking the RS out of STS, though, but that's another issue. NO WAY would I run a modded RS with street tires against a WRX with the same mods in STX. The RS drivers, if this happens will certainly move classes. But again, different story. :-?

They better not exclude them out of SM, though, because that's where I want to run.

If they classify it in AS or SS, you will have a better index in SM anyway, even if you keep it stock. As far as stock class goes, the STi and EVO seem to have BS written all over them in my humble opinion...
I am actually thinking that if the SEB does put the STi in BS, you all better enjoy it because the next year we will be bumped up to AS- with all of the power that we are getting and the fact that we DO get both LSD's and the DCCD, I would say that we would supposedly on paper at least be competitive with other cars in AS such as the E46 M3, etc, etc...

Good news/bad news. :)/:(

I still say that if that happens, SM will b e the best place for most owners.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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