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wrx handling vs sti handing

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Potenza RE950 for WRX????

this question is for those who have driven both the wrx and the sti.
can you compare the two (not power but handling)
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My wife now has a MY02 WRX wagon. I used to drive it until I got the STi last week. All I can tell you is if people are saying that the STi doesn't handle as well as the EVO then I'm glad I made the right choice. The STi has scary handling along with the power. When I first got the car all I could think driving home was they must be carzy to talk smack about this cars handling.

I had to drive 150 miles from the dealership last week and the ride home was awesome. I couldn't believe how response the car moved to my thoughts. I found myself changing lanes with a quick flick of the wrist. The Wagon is nowhere near as quick. When the STi turns it just picks a line and holds it. This was the first car I've every had that drives like my motorcycle. The STi is flickable like a bike.

Until I bought the STi I felt my WRX was stable. Its not even in the same league. The wagon would let you feel the chassis rolling with sharp turns at speed. So far I have yet to feel that with the STi. Part of this is because with the STi I can take those same turns at a greater speed. I don't feel comfortable yet so I haven't felt the rear lose traction or the chassis flex.

I will say the STi just pulls you through a turn as opposed to the WRX that simple rotates you through a turn. I hope I was able to answer some of your question. I would like to hear other opinions regarding this topic too.
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Quick note on the handling here from Japan! I recently purchased my STi and the deciding factor was the test drive. Luckily, the dealer had both a WRX and STi there I could drive back-to-back. First the WRX, fun, fast and responsive - I was impressed. While driving I was thinking is it really worth dropping the extra $5000 for the STI..........Next up the STi drive - I would say after the first corner I was sold - tight, no roll and it honestly felt like a completly different car. I never even took a second glance at the WRX after that - STi all the way.

Now, 6 years ago I bought an Impressa HX - for those that don't know that model in Japan is was the 2.0 liter non-turbo WRX look alike - and I regretted that for the next 5 years. Not this time, I thought the WRX would be enough but if you're going to do it - DO IT! The STi is worth every yen, sorry, penny. 8)


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crap reception

i just traded 03 wrx for sti.

i can offer some general notes but the general themes are: flat, firm, & fast.

1) the STi's nose stays sooo much more level in corners and under braking - very satisfying difference from the rolling of the WRX.
2) wrx is definitely more comfy on long trips ( the sti is very firm) and the travel on the wheels seems much greater.
3) the wheels/tyres make a huge difference. the STi package is very sticky.
4) you can definitely feel understeer at the limit, but adjusting your style, and the DCCD makes it all better (I had an ///M3 before the WRX - it was like learning how to drive all over again)
5) seating position is very similar, but i almost can't get low enough in the STi seats...
6) the shifting is amazingly short.
7) the power is very different. I wondered if it would make a huge difference, and it does, it flys out of corners, while the other cars are still looking for traction.

hope that helps.
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sti crumple zone

pgetchell said:
i just traded 03 wrx for sti.

4) you can definitely feel understeer at the limit, but adjusting your style, and the DCCD makes it all better (I had an ///M3 before the WRX - it was like learning how to drive all over again)
Which M3 model did you have?

great car, a real bargian nowadays.

but not great in the snow :wink:
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