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Looks like 7-8 WRXs are registered for this. Lets get some STi's there! I'm bringing mine.

Cost: $324 (minus $35 if you're a NASA member already)

Quoting from this NASIOC post...

Date: November 1 and 2, 2003
Place: Summit Point Raceway. Summit Point, West Virginia
What: WRX/Evo High Performance Driving Event

This will be a full NASA-run two-day High Performance Driving Experience, where you can drive your WRX on a closed road course, under the supervision of trained instructors. If you've never really gotten to wring your WRX out, this is a great chance to do it, in a relatively safe environment. And you can't get a ticket no matter how fast you drive on the track.

Sprinkled in with the driving school event will be real NASA racing, with Spec Miatas, Honda Challenge, American Iron, and more. Something for everyone.

The Mach V sponsorship means that WRX and Evo owners will get to sign up a couple of weeks early; if we fill up the entire school, it'll be the all-WRX/Evo channel. Otherwise, the normal assortment of cool track hardware (and those odd '68 Chevelles and such) will fill up the rest of the event. Either way, it'll be a great time. We're planning a photo op with all the assembled WRX and Evo cars lined up on the track. We'll have a Mach V Corral where non-participants can gather to watch the action. There will be a Mach V-sponsored party on Saturday night after the day's driving is done.

Signup here!
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