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Unlimited Laps? Anyone done an event w/ them?

I got mine the early part of October and opted for the blue with gold. My second choice was the black with gold but with owning my F-150 (which is black) I discovered how hard it was to keep clean and chose the blue one. All of the colors and wheel combos look great, it is just a matter of personal taste.

My STI arrived two weeks early :eek: and it was ordered from Gentile in Racine. I have my blue and gold optioned out with all of the Subaru "toys" for the car. I added the carbon fiber interior kit, Subaru 6 disc/cassette stereo with amplifier, armrest extension, rubber floor mats, boost gauge, auto dim rear view mirror, wheel locks, added security system, and also have the fog light kit and bezels for them. I have the lights and bezels still in their factory boxes and have not decided if I want them installed since it takes off the STI identification from the front corners of the car.

My next purchase for the car are some new wheels and tires for the STI. I haven't made any decisions on which to buy yet and am hoping for some input as to what has been tried and looks sweet on the car. I have looked at many car pics on this site but still haven't found the ones that I like.

It is great to be a part of this group. Congratulations to everyone who owns one and hopefully the rest of you will join us STI fans in grabbing one for yourselves. The STI definately blows the doors off of the EVO. I had to drive an EVO after taking delivery of the STI just to confirm that I made the best choice...very happy to announce that I picked the right car!. :lol:
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