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Will the hoodscoop/hood shake a lot?

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I know it was mentioned in one of the mag reviews about the scoop causing the hood to shake. But I want to hear from anyone about real life experience with this in everyday driving. For everyday driving (assume ~80mph), is it very minor, or is it annoying? Any change of that scoop working it's way loose in a couple years?
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BHODGES3 said:
OR put the Homer Simpson speed holes in your hood. That should relieve a lot of the pressure from under the hood.
Righty-O, neighbor-oonie...
Agent Chobos said:
I read somwhere that the GC8 coupe weighed a whopping 5-10 lbs less than the sedan. :roll:
Yeah, but that coupe had the now infamous 976-lb. radio that they left off the STi for substantial weight savings...
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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