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Will 18x9.5 ET40 fit?

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Hey everyone, quick fitment question. I am looking at getting a set of NT03s 18x9.5 ET40, which I am told need a 10mm spacer in the front to clear the brembos. I am wondering if there will be any issue with the fitment of them. I am currently on stock 04 STI suspension, but will be getting coils in the next little while.

Any info would be great!!!

Stock ride height
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Will be running 245/40 or 255/35 on them
Nope, bolt pattern doesn't match up. You need 5x100 not 5x114.3 search and you'll find the answer in a like 30 minutes..

If you do find a NT03 in that size with the correct bolt pattern. You still gonna need to roll and pull a bit.
I have found them with the correct bolt pattern

Everything you want to know is in that thread. Tire size, How much you need to pull, camber, lowered or stock height etc.
Why do you need such massive wheels for such small tires?

And the car is going to look like a donk on your stock suspension.
going to be getting coils soon after
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