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just a few simple questions:
will a japanese sti not pass u.s. emissions tests? if it can't, can it be modified to pass? if it could be modified, how much would that cost?

what would it cost, in u.s. $, to purchase one of these babies in japan?

food for thought.

okay, that's two posts in one day as a new member, so i'll just sit back now and wait for the feedback.

thanks guys.

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Remember, though, that you'll also need to pass bumper / collision tests before it's allowed into the U.S. Go to the U.S. Customs service web site, and search under "import vehicle". A little bit of searching will show you what you'd need to do to *legally* import a car into the U.S.

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I emailed Subaru yesterday concerning this subject, and once again I was pleased to receive a very speedy response...less than 24 hours. Hats off to Denise and Sandi...you go girls. Anyway, below is Denise's reply concerning importing a car. I can't say it is encouraging, but at least we have a little more info on the subject now.

Thanks for your reply and interest in the STi. The following
might be helpful to you.

It is almost impossible for a private person to import a car that does
meet U.S. regulations. However, a "Registered Importer" can bring the
in and bring it into compliance. This is a very expensive process and
buyer should be prepared to spend a small fortune to bring the car into
compliance. After emission regulations are met, the performance may
not be
what the customer was buying the car for in the first place.

1. The New Model WRX STi (high performance) version is currently
only in Japan and only right hand drive.

2. If you have never imported an "out of compliance" car before, you
first contact a "Registered Importer" who can make sure that all import
regulations and EPA, VMVSS and NHTSA regulations are taken care of to
the car to be registered and driven on the U.S. highways.

7. If you intend to race the car only, the regulations are less
but still must be imported through a "Registered Importer" (R.I.)

8. I have attached the NHTSA list of licensed importers. You may want
contact one before you start the process. The importer can also make
with a dealer in Europe.
http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/import/RiHT0012.html One of the
Registered Importers on the list was not very confident that the WRX
could be brought into compliance.

Best wishes!

Denise L. Schwartz

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Does anyone know of any company's that import cars from overseas and make them the US standards. The only company I can think of off the top of my head is Motorex, and they import Skylines to the US. Does anyone know if there are any others?
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