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Do any of you have any ideas of why subaru wouldn't bring the STi over here sooner, now that Australia and the UK have it, as well as Japan. It just seems strange to me
because the car is probably ready, and they don't have a parent company which prevents them for releaing it..

For instance the US doesn't get the Civic
Type-R because of the Acura Integra/RSX..
Subaru doesn't have to water down their inexpensive cars due to some luxury division.

As for emissions, the European ones are more
restrictive than the US ones AFAIK..

It weird to me, becuase there is no other car in currently available the US that can come close to the STi in terms of performance for the price (assuming new and in stock form). They could easily sell
thousands of them for $30k a pop..

They really need to make it avaible quickly,
theres some very serious competition right around the corner for them. Once the Lancer EVO, the 350ZX, or the new Tiburon comes out, they will have even more competition..
IMHO, the quicker they can release the STi, the better..


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Patience, kimo-sabi... We will get our STi, it's just a matter of time. Subaru wants the regular WRX to become more popular first. They can't release the STi yet when most of the North American public doesn't even know what the WRX is all about. Of course, I share your opinion, and I want it here NOW! :smile:

As for the Civic Type-R, it is my understanding that it will be coming to North America, and from what I read, it will be the 2-door hatchback version, not the coupe.
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