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Who's going to driving school with the STi

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Just curious to see if people are planning to go to driving school with their STi this summer? I know people are going to be going autoxing, but I'm wondering if poeple are going to be going to the actual racetracks to test their STi's at speed....

I just signed up for a BMW driving school on a race course this summer, just so I can know how to handle the STi, just curious to see if I'll see other STi's at these events or not. :)

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I have gotten confirmation of three days of Evolution school (Phases 1, 2, and 3). I am worried that my STi may not come in however -- I am #2 on my dealer's list and they are still waiting for the first allocation of 1 car to arrive. If, come late June / early July, they do not get the right color or the dealer pulls some markup cr*p, then I will be driving the Miata instead (and really hating the 7+ hour drive each way in an un-air conditioned uncomfortable car).

I am also going to go to either Portland Raceway's "Subaru Experience" or the BMWCCA driving school in Spokane -- both are conveniently scheduled for the same weekend in late October (grrr...). Oh yeah, going to do a hill climb in September, but that isn't a school. I'd love to do more, but there isn't much around where I live (that I know of). Lots of people here go to various Miata events in California, but they won't take non-Miata's any more. Meanwhile, I'm going to as many autocross weekends as possible, where everyone asks where my STi is (and I reply that I wish I knew).
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