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White 2014 WRX from South Florida

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Hello everyone! I'm Stefan, I just bought a 2014 WRX and I am new to forums. If anyone has any advice to give or if you can help me out that'd be great. I will be researching the forums to find out which mods I will be doing to my car in the future(probably going to start with the Cobb Accessport, intake and exhaust). Thanks! :D
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Congrats on the car! Where in south Florida you from?
welcome :) we are in the ft. laud/miami area. im guessing your somewhere close by since south florida seems to usually refer to this area (although thats a vast area saying s. florida lol)
welcome! hit us up if when you're ready for parts!
I am in the Hallandale area. Thanks everyone, i will try to be active on this forum as much as i can. Appreciate the help and friendliness!
Welcome. Make sure research and ask questions. Also look at pricing for parts from many places. Don't just settle. There's always room to negotiate.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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