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Where do these hoses Go?? (have pics)

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Hey guys, I recently upgraded my turbo to an FP RED, with a FMIC. I also deleted my TGVs so I had to pull everything out. I am confused on where some of the hoses go, and which ones I need to block off?

Please help me out, I have pics. I just don't know where the hoses go? i also installed a new turbo inlet, so I am confused on what goes in there?

Also what do I do with the water line that went to the turbo before? Do I just block it off?


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Come on guys. Just chime in or post pics of where these lines go. I am super confused and all the big stuff is done ( turbo / manifold/ tgv delete ) just need this lil annoying shit so i can get tuned!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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