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My buddy and I were talking the other day (we both ordered STIs -- different dealers :D ) about when we might actually get the car...

Anybody else thought about this?

If they bring 300 / month and you divide it into 50 states, thats 6 per state...

Even if they bring 1200 in the beginning, that's only 24 per state...

If they do it based on dealer volume I would assume a lovely bell curve for the distribution of cars sold amongst the dealers...

Assuming none of us placed an order with a dealer that only sells a subaru a month we are all sitting on the right half of the bell curve.

UNDER EITHER SCENARIO, using Bistro math, I am guessing that what this means, is that if you don't have a spot within the top 7.8% of the total orders for YOUR dealer, you're not getting a car for a while...

Smaller dealer with 2 orders, you better be #1.
Large dealer with 50, you better be in the top 3-4 spots.

I have made peace with the fact that I am not getting my STI until August at the earliest. If it comes before that I will be pleased, if it comes after that, I won't be suprised.

Any opinions?

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Before ya pop a blood vessel, we all can do all the analyzing we want....SOA will do this the way they want to. :wink:

No one has a clue how this will all happen....and frankly a lot of us are just sitting and waiting at this point. Speculation does nothing but cause headaches, undue stress, and at very most a possible "I told you so" at the end in which you will be beat down severely! :D :wink:
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