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Wheel vibration after new tires ?

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I just got 4 new tires (Doral brand) hoping that it would cure my steering wheel vibration problem (had worn high grade cooper tires before) but unfortunately it still vibrates.


I first got 2 new tires, I asked him to check the balance on the front cooper tires which were going to be replaced, he said they were out of balance, one didn't even have a weight for balancing, so he replaced the tires and balanced them ( he put them in the front which I know isn't recommended) and said that it should hopefully cure my steering wheel problems.

-Didn't work, still vibrated

So after a month I went back in to get 2 new rear tires (that way all tires will be new), I told the guy (differnet guy) to really make sure on the balancing of the tires because I'm still getting vibrations.

He came back and said the the 2 new ones that I got before (month prior), one (the left) was slightly off-balance, he suggested maybe the guy didn't balance them correctly.

Anyways, drove off, drove a lot better, but there was still a very slight vibration, I could deal with it.

Now, 2 weeks have gone by, and I'm still feeling the vibrations pretty strong, I think more than when I drove off.

Question A: Can the tires be getting off-balance due to a problem? I mean when I got the 2 new tires and went in next month to get 2 new ones, he said one of the tires was already a little off balance. Is that possibly why I'm feeling more vibrations day by day? (could be a mental thing)

Question B: What other reasons may it be?

Mechanic also said that I need new: Struts (they are leaking, Rack and pinion (slightly torn and leaking a bit), and new motor mounts (he said the motor is practically sitting on the frame)

But would this cause Vibration. FYI it happens when driving around 70 - 80 MPH

thank you
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You have a lot of obvious things to fix before anyone can try to isolate the vibration.

Doral tires?
Car milage would be good info. Focus on tires wheels and steering rack. FYI it is required to use tire within a relative diameter spec so you should not replace some of your tire without matching them one way or another.
Are you using the same set of wheels with all the tires you have changed? One or more of them might be bent. I've had the same vibration problem that you have before and turned out one of them was bent.
From my experience, the only time I have had vibration issues was because of wheels not being balanced properly, alignment, or warped rotors.
If it's only vibrating with new tires (everything else is the same), the balance of the new tires is probably not done correctly. I'd take it back to the shop that installed the tires, explain the vibration and ask them to re-balance the tires. if that still doesn't work, you can try a different shop to re-balance the tires (in case shop #1 doesn't know what they're doing or their balancing machine is broken). If that still doesn't work, get a 4-wheel alignment.

Finally, the shop that balanced them might not have attached the wheel weights correctly and some might have fallen off (throwing the balance off). This happens pretty regularly I've heard, especially if they didn't clean the rim properly before they stuck the weights on.
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