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After my thrid alignment in two weeks on an 04 Sti I still have a slightly offcenter steering wheel which changes position depending on what type of corner was just taken, I guess you could classify this as a wandering wheel, the car tracks straight and true..:

hard right corner = steering wheel offcenter to the left.

hard left corner = steering wheel offcenter to the right.

My question is could this be a symptom of a bad wheel bearing, I noted another post on the forum for an 04 Sti which had the wheel bearings replaced at 1200 miles... I've got 2200 miles, dealer seems to think it was just an alignment issue...

After a little research it looks like I have the dreaded "memory steer" issue which seems to affect 2002+WRX's in decent numbers.

Anyways the issue is described as soft steering bushings which allow the rack to flex, creating the memory effect after a decently hard corner... poly bushings from whitline for $25 are suggested, but look like a pain to install.

Will be talking with dealer service tomorrow, not sure if there is any resolution the dealer can give, its annoying enough it makes me reconsider the car...

Now that you mention it, yea, mine does that too. Although it is almost mostly off (lower) to the left it does sometimes do it to the right. Very interesting indeed!
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