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still no one here??? ;)
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Is there anyone here in San Jose beside me and Happagirl?
Where did you buy your STi's? How much did you pay and what color did you get? I have a Silver/Silver. I have not seen another STi on the road. I saw 3 EVO's last saturday 6/21/03.
Damn! That is way too high for a stock sound system. Atleast you got the car too! Do you plan on keeping the sound system? My car gets some beats on Tuesday July 1st. I'm paying $1700 for an Eclipse 8053 head unit, Zapco 350 amp and Alumapro 6.2 speakers or Diamond Audio speakers. I will add a sub later!

I'm curious to know how your purchase experience went. Did the dealer try and pull a fast one?

When I showed up at the dealership I had my fiancing. They gave me some forms and said it was standard for me to fill out. The form was a credit application. I asked them why I needed to fill it out if I already have financing from my Credit Union. Anyway after I filled out the form they came back and ask if my wife needs to be on the car. I told them yes since she is with the Credit Union.

So I sit there for 1/2 hour while they keep coming back asking me if she needs to be on the car. I finally get pissed and say whatzup...is there a problem? The sales rep takes me back to sign for the car and guess what...the whole time I was sitting there waiting for my car the finance manager is trying workout a deal for me to buy the car from them. I was pissed until I saw the numbers :lol: I just couldn't put my wife on the title! No sweat because in Cal its 50/50 no matter what. hehehehe

Anyway I would love to see your cars and meet you San Jose area people. I know there are a lot of you not just in San Jose! There are some nice rides up HWY 9. Do you every go to Alice's? If you do I know they would freak on a bunch of STi's up there together. I saw a group of Prowlers one time and my friend a Ferrari group. That was funny because he just happen to be in one and joined the group. He said the police just turned a blind eye and let them drive the hell out of their cars.

Well please check in and tell us about your experience purchasing the vehilce. Anyone buy out of state? I almost with to Murley but my credit union wouldn't finance the car. I ran the numbers with Murley and it was only $400 to ship the car to San Jose! Cheaper than a plan ticket and gas!
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My friend has XM and swears by it! He thinks Howard Stern is going to switch over after his contract is up. I stopped listening to Howard years ago but that would be a major coup.

I've wanted a nice system in my car for too long to not go for it now. I'm thinking about XM. It would be alot easier to have an account that i could use at home and in the car. Do you know if you have to have 2 accounts for your car and home? Can you roll it into one?

I know they have something out there now that allows you to take the unit out of your car and into the home. I would rather just have 2 dedicated units.
Hey Darwood: Did you see the Cowboy Bebop Movie? That is Spike under your name right? I love that series! Didn't like the ending but thats only because I was raised with American endings.(Happy fairytale endings!)

Why did you have to paint your front spoiler? Why couldn't you park in the driveway? In San Jose you can leave a inoperable vehicle in your driveway for 72 hours without moving it. Your STi is operable so I don't see a problem. Just curious...do you live in a condo with CCR's?
ldivinag: Congradulations on your car! Sounds like the "Gods" were smiling down on you. Most people have to wait months before they receive a car and it only took you 3 days! What sound system did you install? Sounds like it must be a killer one if its taking you 12+ hours.

How do all of you members/lurkers like the armrest extension? I was thinking about it but don't know if its good with a stick. My wife has a WRX Wagon Auto with the extension and I love driving with it! I keep trying to put my arm down when I'm driving my STi. Its starting to bug me because I miss that extension. Do you think it gets in the way?

Oh, I forgot to say have fun on your drive ldivinag. I made that drive alone back in college. (Took 14 hours) It was worth it because I was going to see a "friend" at the University of Oregon. I had a smile the whole way back!
was your friend a comedian?
No she wasn't but we found each other entertaining. :lol:

That trip always reminded me of the movie "The Sure Thing" with John Cusack. :oops:
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