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Franky, I agree with what you have so far. I want to add something though. I think that a performance car also offers the feedback of the drive, and the car should instill confidence from that feedback. I think of the main tactile parts to a car that channel the performance: gas pedal, shifter, brake pedal, steering wheel, and seat.
gas=go definately a priority
slick shifter= sublime engine control
brake pedal= go fast and stop fast are equally important
steering wheel and seat= these two items convey the handling and overall attachment of the car to the road and the body to the car. The steering wheel, suspension, wheels, tires and overall design and geometry of the car need to get your butt around the bends the way your hands see fit.

To make my point more clear lets look at my current vehicle and I will outline its pluses and minuses:
2000 GTI GLX (176HP VR6) Stock
gas= this car has go, the drive by wire sucks, torque like crazy, woohoo!.
shifter= sucks, its a good thing the torque band is broad.
brakes= the brakes are not great, not terrible, but its a heavy car and the oem tires suck
steering wheel= suspension on this car is not what it should be, while it feels german it is still too soft, and the car feels too tall. again tires suck. front wheel drive not right for this car.
seat= this car is too soft and refined for me to consider it a performance car. I thought I was doing myself a favor going from a 4 cyl BMW to this. wrong. the crx before the BMW was more of what I liked. i have taken 6 years to get back to that. but I will need more go. enter STi?

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