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What Happened in Monte Carlo?

I tuned in for the last half of the broadcast; Subaru was nowhere to be found. What happened? Citroen took 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Ford took 4th and Peugeot took 5th.

Did anyone see the beginning?

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Petter went a little fast around a corner that was wet, slide thru the corner and tagged some trees, screwed up the front end pretty good.

This was after Petter did the same thing heading toward a bridge that was in the middle of a turn. He slid thru the turn, hit the rail of the bridge and damn near went over the edge. He would have gone over had it not been for the rail. He made it back to service where he got a time penalty for taking too long in service, changing out the intercooler.

Tommi lost his front brakes early on and he went into a corner at a speed that would have been ok with good brakes, but with only rears, we spun the butt out from behind him and slid down into a ditch a ways.

Better luck next race.
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