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I've found gasoline supply in Western Canada is sketchy, according to quality.

I've emailed this to the Canadian Fuels Association:

"Do you have any mind or method for testing/regulating fuel quality at gas stations?

I fuelled my car years back in BC and it had so much water the exhaust was steaming and had a CEL for 15 minutes!

I now have a device called a Cobb Access Port that can display knock values for the engine in my car. This is an advanced device that can provide real time information from the factory ECU, through the OBD-II port.

I have found that some gas stations provide the high octane fuel that they advertise. Others DO NOT. I know a few stations between Calgary and Winnipeg that are honest about their ratings. None West, or in the lower mainland.

I talked to a local manager of one station and he told me all of the fuels in his station were "the same". Somehow, I don't think this is fair business practice.

I mentioned this to my brother in law (a retired judge) and he told me this was, in fact, "fraud".

Please tell me your thoughts on this matter.


Are there any other Western Frostbacks that aren't getting their advertised octane rating?

Maybe I'm weird, but somehow, I think if you pay for high test, you should get what you pay for?
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