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Howdy all! First time poster.
I've had my 2010 impreza outback sport since 2013 and had no issues with it. Within in the past year though, I've started having audio issues.
The radio unit's screen will dim, sometimes to the point of looking turned off, or it will be darker around the edges and bright in the middle. It is not consistent.
Additionally, the audio output will cut out randomly (sometimes when turning the car on, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after a long while of no issues). No radio signals, no aux or cd audio (I can hear the cd spinning for what its worth). The a https://speedtest.vet/udio issues resolve themselves randomly. I've had week spans with no issue, and sometimes a w https://vidmate.bid/ eek of no radio.
Anyone else had this issue, or know where I can start looking into a cause?
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