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Weighed the 2018 STI wheels and tires at 52.4lbs each. Tirerack and Yokohama claim the stock 245/35-19's are 24lbs each.

28.4lb wheel each for the stock 19inch 2018 STI wheels( rims only ) no tire.

To me that is super heavy. SSR makes a whee that is 23.1lbs in the same 19x8.5 but with a 35 or 38mm offset. As does OZ Racing who makes the Hyper GT in 19x8.5 +45 offset and weighs in at 21.4 lbs.

I have not found a nice 19x9 inch wheel with a 38mm offset etc but should weigh less than stock regardless.

OR you can just do a 18inch wheel! :)

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