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Unfortunately, it seems like the BBS option wheels get heavier with time - in some cases it's due to a size increase, but in others it is not.

  • 2004 BBS (17") were supposedly 15.7lb / 7.1kg ???
  • 2005-07 BBS (17") were 19.5lb / 8.8kg
  • 2008-14 BBS (18") were 20.5lb / 9.3kg
  • 2015-17 BBS (18") were 22.1lb / 10kg

    As mentioned, I can't find any specific info on the 2018 BBS. They are forged and lightweight according to the press releases, but 24 lb could be lightweight for a 19" wheel. I would guess they are at least 22 lb and probably nearer 24 give or take. Given the same overall diameter, you do of course have to account for a decrease in tire material and presumably less tire weight, so the overall tire/wheel combo weight is probably not terribly far off from the other BBS packages.

    In real-world terms, the improved structural rigidity and other handling improvements likely offset any increase in unsprung weight, and obviously if your goal is to truly shave weight then you can look to aftermarket wheels, plus the STI might be less appealing anyway in that sense because of power features, heavier stereo options, addition of (in some opinions) unneeded systems like blindspot alerting etc.

    I read an article a while back in which the author discussed the "glory days" of the much smaller and lighter 3-series as well as how bloated cars have become in general. The modern day corolla is larger and spiffier than a midsize of yesterday, along with most every category (except that we, at least temporarily, had an increase in interest in smaller SUVs / crossovers). At the end of the article, the author conceded that cars no doubt are heavier and larger than they were before which diminishes some of the fun, but on the other hand technological improvements to brakes, suspension, etc more or less offset those changes to the extent that things weren't truly better in the "good old days." I can see both arguments with the STI, I haven't driven a GD or a VA model so I really don't have an opinion, but I do see there being both pros and cons to the supposed "progress" of newer models.
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