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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are the premiere Subaru Performance Dealer in Denver Colorado. We have a large selection of parts always in stock and on display. We have extensive experience in performance parts and accessories. We also have a Certified Subaru Master Technician with 19 years experience available for installs, Bret is truly one of us and is into the performance scene, he is not just someone that can turn wrenches and give you a cheap install. We are located on 104th ave aprox. 5 blocks East of I-25. Our hours are Monday – Friday 7:am – 7:pm.

We are offering our local customers a program that we would like extend to everyone here. This is a long post so please forgive us.

Support your local Performance Dealer (Long)

Mike Shaw Subaru and Flat4Engineering would like to offer you, our valued customer a deal. Some of you heard about this at our meeting and now we would like to present it to the general public before the other dealer jumps on it. We would like the opportunity to EARN your business.

What we are proposing is this:
In an effort to provide you with better service, better product availability, and better pricing we would like to offer you this opportunity. A lot of this hinges on you, the customer. We are here to help you, if you allow us to.

Many of you run the parts we carry but you prefer to purchase them on the Internet from multiple venders with little or no loyalty let alone no follow up support from these venders. Then you bring it to us to have it installed, to see why it is not working correctly, or for warranty purposes. Like I said before, WE WOULD LIKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.

Instead of beating us up on-line, call or e-mail (preferred) us, and see if we can match, or even beat the on-line price of that item. Many of you come in here bragging that you got a good deal from store x, only to realize not only could we have matched the price, we could have beat it included a t-shirt, not paid any shipping, and had it installed by a Certified Subaru Master Technician, AND received an extra 10% off. This seems to be the scenario more times than not. You purchased the part saved $20.00 then had to come to us and purchase the CEL Fix (that comes in our kit for free) for $25.00.

We also trying to stress that if you are doing your own services please come in and buy your maintenance parts from us instead of Checker or AutoZone. Warranty presents a whole other problem. It is very hard to get items warranted if there is no service history on the car, then we show the car to the rep and it has a Grease Monkey filter on it. Obviously you aren’t supporting Subaru so why should Subaru support you. Many claims come down to the service history, plain and simple.

This is the deal:
If you are willing to run our sticker in the left lower portion of your rear window we will provide you with the following:
1. A place to hold meetings
2. Discounts on parts
3. Discounts on service
4. Free t-shirt
5. Special deals on new parts
6. Advance information on new or upcoming products and future specials
a. Sticker
i. Round about 4 inches in silver
ii. Left rear window
1. I support my local Performance Dealer. (Around upper edge)
2. www.flat4engineering.com (around lower edge)
3. Mike Shaw Subaru (in center)
4. Flat4Engineering (in center)
b. T-shirt
i. Follows the look of our team shirts
ii. Please wear to car shows and events (if clean)
iii. Card specific to you
iv. Card and sticker will have a specific customer #
v. Quietly present it at parts counter when purchasing and you will receive
1. 5% off Performance parts
2. Special shop labor rate
3. 20% off maintenance and regular parts
c. Events- Any event we plan to participate in or attend including
i. AutoX events
ii. Car shows
iii. Drag Racing
iv. Rally Cross
1. We will provide
a. Shade
b. Water
c. Tools
i. Air compressor
ii. Jacks
iii. Some spare parts
2. Assistance
a. Help swapping tires
b. Cleaning cars
c. Setting up displays
d. Storing tires (in the pits, basically watching your stuff)
3. Discount tickets to shows
a. Tickets would need to be prepaid and non-refundable
7. Parts
a. Price Matching
i. Not competing. Do not send us a price of our competitor ask us to match it then send it back and forth until we are in a bidding war.
ii. Improved Product Availability
iii. Improved Product Lines
iv. Larger selection

If you are interested in signing up for this please contact me direct at [email protected] and we will add you to the list. Stickers and cards should be available around the 1st of the month. If anyone is interested in parts sooner I will honor the deal as if you were already running the sticker.

Thank you for your time.

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I came in and you guys dont seem to trust that I will come back, I would really like it if somehow you would understand that I am planning on doing a lot of mods, and you have to understand that there are very few places in CO that do this stuff. I was the one talking to someone there about installs on pullies, then I ordered some floormats, because someone told me they would be in stock. Thanks!

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We are a little leary as many customers say they will bring their friends, my car is going to be in a magazine, I am going to be at every race, every show, give me a better discount now and I will come back for more latter.

Sorry if we came accross wrong. I didn't mean to. If you haven't picked up your floor mats yet you might want to look at our new link. I had some dealers back out at the last minute.


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That's fine. Don't worry about it. I'll try and talk to you next time I go. I'll probably call, it takes me an hour, with my STi, to get there. LOL. Also, this is the problem, and I've only met one other shop that will let me do this... Can I just maybe watch. I am new to cars, and that would be worth the price of an install to me, I would go out of my way, and pay more, just to watch and learn! I would be happy to sign a waiver or anything of the sort!
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