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Water "Stains" on Exterior Glass.....Solution?

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Hey guys....

This isn't specific to the STi or anything, but I've really been torqued by something going on with the glass on my fiance's Maxima and I know it's a common thing.

All of the glass on her car has this watermark to it. You wipe it down, and you can see spots, drips....as if there are stains from hard water or something. I have NEVER had this on any of my personal cars, but I'm wondering if it isn't because I had wax on all surfaces within days of buying.

Does anyone else get this on their glass....and are their products that remove it? I've used many glass cleaners, several waxes....all to no avail.
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If you can't get it off with goof off, bug and tar remover or the like, a claybar will take that right off. Might be overkill tho. If it really is just the water stains the vinegar will work.
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