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Water "Stains" on Exterior Glass.....Solution?

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Hey guys....

This isn't specific to the STi or anything, but I've really been torqued by something going on with the glass on my fiance's Maxima and I know it's a common thing.

All of the glass on her car has this watermark to it. You wipe it down, and you can see spots, drips....as if there are stains from hard water or something. I have NEVER had this on any of my personal cars, but I'm wondering if it isn't because I had wax on all surfaces within days of buying.

Does anyone else get this on their glass....and are their products that remove it? I've used many glass cleaners, several waxes....all to no avail.
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I went through an automatic car wash with my 4Runner. It was pretty neat how the water beaded off even the windshield, but then I left the wipers on for a little too long after the rain stopped and it left big ugly marks all across my windshield. I havent tried to get them off with anything else but the windshield wiper fluid, but its only wax to shouldnt be too hard...

I have the same problem with the back window of the same vehicle. the glass is clean where the wipers are, but there seems to be a permanent mark along the glass where the wiper blade ends. I also see these water marks. Ive hear of the vinegar thing,but the newspaper is new. ill try it out and see how it goes!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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