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ok i have posted before about a leak with my header and uppipe combo and it seems like i cant get rid of it.

a few days back i ordered a DC sports uppipe with a flex joint, thinking that would fix the problem. i picked it up yesterday, and started to instal it today.
when i was taking off my Gruppe-s uppipe, i noticed the diameter of the Gruppe-s uppipe was a good deal larger, so i didnt want to stick the DC sports uppipe and block air flow.

so i decided to take it off anyway, put new gaskets on, and then lined it up as best i could and tightend it down as best i could.

now im done and just got back from a 'sprited' run.

it seems fine when im just going through the gears, i dont hear anything. sounds awesome.
but if i put it into 5th at about 2,000 rpm, when it gets to about 2,800-3,000 rpm it makes a fluttering sound, then once it hits like 3,500 it goes away and sounds good again. what is this?? it is just waste gate flutter? or is it a leak? if i put it into 3rd at the same RPM and go up to about 5,500 rpm i dont hear anything.

sorry for such a long post, any help would be appreciated.

all my performance mods are in my sig. my defi gauge said i peaked at about 19 psi, a few hairs away from 20.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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