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Well, we shoveled the snow on Friday morning, prep'd the car, and hit the road to VIR under sleet and heavy traffic. Keefe from Salazar Racing and I hooked up and headed down together with walkie-talkies. It was not a bad trip after all, and as we went south, weather got better.

Several students did not show up, so we got full course on both days. The organization was great and we had a wonderful banquet on Saturday night right at the track hospitality center. There were many very experienced racers and instructors.

We were the only two WRXes (got a lot of attention), 2 911 C2s, 1 C4S, 2 911TTs, many audis and bmws. We got up to speeds that were down right scary in damp weather on Saturday and sure was thrilling. Brakes held up pretty well and still have 3/4 pads left :) We used Porterfield R4S pads. Suprisingly, many people (students and instructors) also had Porterfields but on R4 track pads.

We had 4 sessions each day with roughly 8 to 10 laps each session (1 lap = 3.25 miles). It was exhausting.

We had more than usual of people doing off-road excursions, but we got only two wrecks. One advanced group's Corvette nearly totalled, and Keefe hit the tire barrier during the 2nd session on Sunday, but had only cosmetic damage, and car seems alright.

Overall it was great event, learned few things about driving styles and the STi, and had a lot of fun at amazing speeds :) I would highly recommend VIR with the Audi club.


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