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Hey whats up everyone.. I have been having issues with loss of power, misfiring, and running rich... I know boost leak boost leak boost leak... I checked this. I don't have a leak. I pulled the turbo, and this is what I found....

Slight in and out shaft play but no more than 1/32.. I know this is not acceptable... but I have heard conflicting things... my main reason for believing it is the turbo is because of this noise it makes when moving the turbine shaft IN AND OUT ....

The radial play is damn near non existent, and the axial ( in and out ) is very minimal, but it makes this noise...

I have put a new turbo on the car, and am waiting to finish up bolting the intake manifold on..
I guess I'm posting this because I'm worried if its not the turbo. The shaft play is so minimal, but it does still make this noise.

Let me know :)

I just want to CLARIFY, this noise is NOT from the turbine hitting the walls, it is from the in and out shaft play.

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