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VERY IMPORTANT: Do you already own a WRX or Other Subaru?

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What kind of Subaru do you already own? Are you planning to offload it for a STi? I am trying to get an idea of the demographics of this site. I need at least 50 people to vote. Please tell the truth. Please vote, this is important...


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Why the STi?

Current car - WR Blue '02 WRX with a few mods. No plans to off-road. I had a chance to play co-driver in a Canadian P4 class WRX wagon driven by John Paynter for a few stages - ride of a life time but I would never put my new STi through anything like than (I like my paint job too much). Autocross is all that my WRX has seen, and autocross is all my STi will see.

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The STi is the only car that acr replace my WRX

Figured out how to post images after the above reply.

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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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