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Vent: Screwed out of STI :(

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Just hoping to vent some.

Back in Jan I got on a STI waiting list at Norm Reeve Subaru, Todd (sales manager) says he has only been a subaru dealer for like a month and is not sure he will get any STI's. So I get on list anyway, was 3rd at the time.

So a fair amount of time has gone buy and I figure time to give him a call and see what is up. Talking with another sales guy (works for Todd, the sales manager) I say I got on list in Jan and then you guys weren't sure you were getting any STI's, have you heard anything since then. Sales guy "Yeah we have already sold 3"

I think ???? I am 3rd on list, they sold 3, but I don't have an STI????

Seems I was on a magical list that no one knows about. Asked him to check if I am currently on the list he says no. He asked what color I wanted said black (gold rims) he said, well the 3 we sold were blue. He talked with the sales manager and he said they were expecting 2 more at the end of the month, thought they would get a silver & white, but won't know for sure till he talks with Subaru Rep.

Anyway very sad for me :(
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