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My wife and I are going to be in Daytona for 1 week starting on 10/1. We're looking for some cool/fun stuff to do while on vacation. Any recommendations of things to do within 1.5hrs driving time would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any replies,


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You can make it to Orlando or Jacksonville in that time. Plenty of stuff to do there.

As far as Daytona, Im not too sure. The beach there is always nice, and theres helicopter rides from the pier. Lots of stores there for shopping. Or you could go to the Daytona USA at the speedway and take a tour or whatever it is that they to there.

Hope this helps.

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-on the weekend there is a huge fleamarket (head west on international go under the 2 overpass's for 95 @ the light right after them make a left on can't miss it on the left)
- Hit up the Ocean deck for some food
- Hops is another good place to eat.
- Oyster Pub more good food
- I think Biketober Fest may be going on during that time

There is alot with in 1.5hr from there.
-City walk
-Downtown Disney
-Shopping on International drive (Ripley's believe it or not and more places)
- St. Augstine
- Kennedy Space center
- Cocoa Beach (Ron Johns's surf shop)
- Jacksonville

I'll add to the list if i can think of more.
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