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V1 false laser warning in STi?

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I don't know if it's just me but my V1 seems to give a lot of false laser warnings in my STi. No more than I start it up and am sitting there letting her warm up and my V1 goes off with a laser warning and then a few times while driving it in the middle of no where. During my daily commutes in my Legacy it does not do this.

Anyone else notice this?
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My V1 has had two Laser warnings since I installed it last week. They both seemed to be from brake lights. The X band is always on. A cement truck and a dump truck have even set it off with their perimeter radar sensors.

There should be a law that says all non traffic radar has to be X and police cannot use X band. OK that won't happen.... :x

It did save me from an instant on Ka band this morning. I felt like I needed to write into the website with a first hand experience of how the V1 paid for itself or something.

The real story is how I convinced my wife to buy the V1 for Father's day!

On another issue, I learned recently the MN has a traffic law restricting the mounting of anything (especially radar detectors) on the windshield. Other than that they are supposed to be legal.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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