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Used Cobb exhaust install on 2015 sti

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Hey all,

I recently picked up a used cobb 3" SS exhaust to replace the invidia N1 that came on my car when I bought it, I wanted to reduce the drone. Anyways, while installing it I noticed the front and rear of the driver side muffler (where the pipe goes through) was caved in a slight bit. We were able to pound/pry it back to pretty good levels and the install went smoothly from there. I am now noticing the passenger side muffler seems to be moving a bit more exhaust and the exhaust coming from it is a good amount hotter than the driver side. (video included). Is this typical because of the longer amount of pipe from the Y or is that muffler fudged? Thanks in advance all!


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That should be the link to a video
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