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Silver's Neomax Coilovers in stock with 3 day shipping anywhere in the usa! 0% fi!

Who is Silver's Suspension? They've been around since 1999 private labeling some of the hottest coilovers on the market for other well known companies. They are anything but a fly by night company.

The Silver's Neomax has been sold overseas for years with great results and it is our pleasure to bring you the latest version. Compared to everything in it's class the Neomax has the best ride quality and with the highest performance. We are confident you will notice the Silver's difference.

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Homepage V3 Silver's North America for more info.

With an 18 month warranty and unlike other brands you do not have to lose your car for weeks on end, they send you replacements for minimum down time!

Silver’s suspension unboxing neomax coilovers! Featuring the 86 brz and frs platform - YouTube

Here is a closer look at Silver's in our warehouse.

What are the options?
Radial bearings- for less noise when using a race quality mount.
(rear camber plates when applicable)
Custom spring rates
Super Low kits
40mm taller kits

Most are delivered within 3 business days in the USA making them a very fast option! Custom kits are delivered to your door in well under 2 weeks!

at $1095 within the 48 states, they are the most competitively priced premium coilover on the market.

Any questions? Let us know!

Import Image Racing - Discount Performance and Racing Parts


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61 - 65 of 65 Posts