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UK STi info and Frankfurt Auto show

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There is more info on the Euro STi in the latest Car. I found some info on Scoobynet, the UK board.


I'm a little disappointed in the rumored HP - it is lower than the Japanese spec car, prolly due to lower octane gas. The UK model is due to be shown at the Frankfurt auto show, which opens tomorrow!
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Bill, you beat me to the punch...

GOOD JOB! :smile:

Yes, folks, the UK is getting the STi and I have a very good feeling we aren't too far behind! :grin:

Specs are 265HP, 261Lb-Ft of Torque and it has:

6 speed box
Front/Rear Suretrac LSD's (I think these are torsen's)
STi suspension
Intercooler water spray

Did I say 6-speed. Yes I did! That is the most important thing that we can wish for in ours.

Why? Because the 5-speed in the WRX is IDENTICAL to a 5-speed in a GC8 RS that many of us drive right now. It is not a good, reliable tranny for gobs of HP. The 6-speed is rumored to be unbreakable, bulletproof (these are some words that have been used to describe it).

More info later...

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Here's some more technical details from Scoobynet:


Somebody is in trouble! This was supposed to be embargoed till tommarow, but somebody (an Irish newspaper, I hear) broke it (NOT ME)....

Just to let all of you guys know- I am currently updating the site with the new UK STi info.

With the tragedy that occured on Tuesday :cry:, I didn't feel like working on the site for the past couple of days. I am sure you guys understand.

So all this info I can find will probably be on the site by next weekend- hopefully sooner. :grin:
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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