Location: DFW, TX
Price: $30K
Mileage: ~2.2K miles on block/heads. 149.5K on Chassis.
Transmission: 6 Speed
Mechanically great. Good vac, good boost, no FKL, handles texas heat and traffic...(damn hot!!)
Paint in good shape, minus small tx road rock chips on hood (Paint pen will fix that if I get time). One very small ding on passenger front quarter panel above wheel and somehow a small nick out of the back of the trunk (can be filled and touched up, again if I get time). The rear window lip spoiler came off at speed and took weather stripping with it. Easy fix there too
Kept under car cover and/or garaged for the majority
Interior in good shape. Some interior wear (minor)

455 WHP/465 WLB-FT @25.7 PSI @115F on E85. Obviously makes more when cooler.
~525 CHP/535 CLB-FT @25.7 PSI @115F on E85.
-Built for reduced turbo lag/response and mid-range torque
-Tuned By Calvin Dotson. Dotson Tuning
-Repainted Silver ~2014
-Prob just a hair over 3K lbs due to subframe and lightening mods
-2nd Owner. Have have worked on/modified multiple Subarus since 2005
-Sadly, time to move on. I will shed a tear when she has gone to a good home.

  • No joyrides, only seriously interested buyers. But she is fun and responsive.
  • Any PM response may be delayed due to my work/life balance or lack their of.
  • Price drop, open to offers.

-Balanced and blue printed EJ25 bottom end by Watts Shop
-Heads cleaned/setup with beehive springs by Watts
-Head ports cleaned and exhaust matched
-Arias 2618 100mm forged pistons
-Manley H Beam connection rods
-OEM Gaskets, Idle pullies, guides, etc.
-ACL Rod bearing (52mm Jrnl size) High perf w/extra oil clearance
-ACL Main bearing (Thrust in No#5) High perf w/extra oil clearance
-ARP Head bolts
-Company 23 Timing belt guide kit
-Cobb lightweight pully
-ACT Streetlight flywheel
-Beatrush engine mounts
-LIC Motorsports Adjustable Timing Belt Idler Bearings
-JDM 12mm Oil Pump
-Killer B Motorsport Ultimate oil pickup
-Killer B Motorsport oil baffle windage tray
-Cobb Accesport V3, MAP based, E85 Flex fuel & Pressure sensor kit
-T1 Racing Walbro in tank, Ti485-2 Fuel Pump w/upgraded electrical system
-T1 Racing Bosch ID1300CC Top feed Injectors
-Parallel feed AN Braided Fuel lines
-Aeromotive Fuel Press regulator
-Denso U-Groove, Stock heat range 3381 Spark Plugs
-Okada high output coil packs
-Blouch Dominator 3.0R 8cm^2 housing. Stock Location/Newer version. (Had older version before this one and new build)
-PTP Turbo Blanket
-Outfront Motorsports long-runner equal length intake manifold
-Outfront topfeed injector fuel rails
-Phenolic 5mm Spacers
-Boomba big Throttle body
-T1 Racing IAT Sensor
-3 bar MAP Sensor
-Big APS CAI w/afe Filter located in fog light housing area.
-Grimspeed MAF block off plate.
-Grimspeed Ported and polished exh manifold w/GS Gaskets, etc.
-Port matched to heads w/Big Crossover
-Ext waste gate up pipe
-All heat tape wrapped
-TiAl External waste gate
-Cobb 3" Downpipe (Catless)
-Loud valve 3" boost actuated dump valve (Currently vac shut off to it)
-WBR Front Mount reverse flow Intercooler
-Turbo compressor housing clocked for shorter FMIC piping
-Turbosmart BOV to atm
-EVAP System Delete, etc.
-Crawford AOS
-Mishimoto 154F Thermostat
-Mishimoto Radiator
-Flexalite Custom fan
-Cosworth 1.3 Bar Rad caps

-Ohlins Fixed Perch Struts
-RCE Yellow springs
-Camber bolts
-Group N Top mounts
-Cobb/Progress sway bars
-Kartboy end links
-Kartboy botox bolts
-TIC Rear clunk killer
-GT Spec 3 Piece Subframe Brace Set
-GT Spec Tie Brace
-Car Labs X-Brace
-Performance alignment
-Caster bolt/flip improvement

-Recaro Speeds Racing seats
-OEM gauge cluster mount w/Stewart Warner gauges
-Boost/vac, Oil temp, Oil Pressure
-Prosport Exhaust Temp Gauge (Taped in No#4 runner)
-Red/Blue LED Conversion
-Subaru Homelink/Compass/Dimming mirror
-Flocked Dashboard
-Autospeed Dead pedal
-Faux STi Seatbelt shoulder pads

-APR Carbon Fiber Front Splitter
-APR Carbon Rear Diffuser
-Seibon CF Trunk. (No spring, Manual lift). Rear wing delete
-Rota Torques 18x8.5 Wheels (Not currently installed)
- 245/40/18..For rolling around only. Need new rubber!
-Volk TE37 18x8.5. (Pretty sure they are 8.5. Need to dig them out of storage.
-Wheel wells, trimmed, pulled and rolled
  • Will fit 265/35/18 (w/correct backspacing w/small rub)
  • Will fit 275/35/18 (w/coil overs and more camber)
  • Wheels and tires in pic don't belong to me and wont be sold w/car
-Cleared Headlights
-WRX lower profile Hoodscoop
-New windshield
-Rare rear roof lip spoiler that could use repaint and install. Have 3m tape
-Some rock chips up front that could use touch up

-Kartboy/TIC Super Shifter Kit
-SPT Short Shifter
-Clutchmasters light weight racing assembly
-Drive Shaft Shop, Carbon fiber drive shaft
-Kartboy Transmission Mount Bushings
-Beatrush Transmission mount
-Factionfab Pitch Stop mount
-Hawk HPS Pads
-Goodrich SS Brake lines w/ATE super blue fluid
-Relocated battery (Behind driver's seat)
-Killer B Motorsport Dual Washer/Coolant Reservoir
-Amsoil AMO 5W/40 Engine oil (just got changed with Wix syn filter)
-Amsoil Tranny Fluid (Could use a change)
-OEM Rear diff fluid
-Upgraded vac, coolant hoses and engine air/flow cooling mods.
-Grimspeed brakebooster kit (NIB uninstalled)
-Empire Car cover that will accept spoiler

-Sure there is other mods/stuff I have forgotten

More pics here.
2005 WRX STI