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Turbo Seal help?

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Earlier today I was driving my 07 sti and my turbos boost doesn't kick in until about 3500rpms and can provide 22psi. Anyways I was accelerating, pedal probably 3quarters of the way down, and there was a noise that i cant really explain maybe like a snap which doesn't sound like it makes any sense because I believe the seal must have been destroyed because i can hear the turbo spool up with no problem but the air from the turbo isn't making it to the engine. I have upgrades on the car the turbo is a bolt on tomei m7960 and i also have a front mount and 1000cc injectors and the car has been properly tuned. If you have any clue as to what happened and where i should check this would be greatly appreciated.
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have you checked for boost leaks?
^^that. Check all the couplers on your boost tubes.
One time a coupler for my IC was loose and obviously it was confusing the computer so I know what that's like and I’m pretty sure that's not it. There was a weird noise when I lost all boost. But I’m not sure I will check any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
First thing I'd do is check for a leak. Popping a coupler off of piping can sound pretty horrible.
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