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Turbo on the 2004 STi/exchaust on the STi

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What type is it?

VF I am guessing could it be VF34 or VF35?

Also how many cats are there in the STi?

Two or three? Is there a precat before the turbo (like the WRX has)?

Where are the other cats located; downpipe and mid pipe like the WRX?



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Actually, even for the track, I'd take more torque over more top end HP. That's why Peugeot is killing everybody in the WRC because they have tuned their 2.0L to make insane amounts of torque (I think I heard once on the Speed channel 500ft*lbs, or maybe it was 50kg*m, something with a 5 for sure :)).
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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