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turbo damage from rear end collision

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I have a 2008 WRX. Last March I had to replace the OE turbo due to a clogged screen in the banjo bolt that feeds oil to the turbo. I purchased remanufactured OE turbo from Car Parts Warehouse online. I had it installed by a Subaru Certified Mechanic on 02/28/13. The turbo was replaced using a new banjo bolt and the oil lines were flushed and coolant replaced along with fresh oil and filter. On 4/11/13 my wife was driving the car to work and was involved in a accident. A large van traveling at approx 45 mph impacted the rear of the wrx while at a complete stop. Thankfully my wife was not seriously injured. The car suffered $12,325.21 worth of damage. The exhaust system had to be replaced up to the down pipe. The day after we got the car back from repairs the turbo went out. The turbo had exactly 1,911 miles on it.

The question is..... Was this a defective turbo? or Was it damaged from the trauma of the collision? My Insurance company refuses to help and stated that if we can prove it was damaged from the accident then they would consider our claim.

Has anyone ever heard of this scenario?

Thanks, Ed
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I can see it being a possibility in such a severe impact collision.
Over the years I have seen many failed engine and drive train components due to fatigue/stress caused by an accident. So in my opinion yes it is possible. But proving it is another story all together. Good luck.
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