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I want to express that I am saddend for all the victims of this tragedy. I wish that they find comfort in thier sadness. I pray to God that this will NEVER happen again and that what has brought us together will NEVER tear us apart.

In fact, when the GREAT news came out on Tuesday no less, of the UK STi, I just didn't feel like updating the site for the past few days. I am sure you all understand..

But you know what? Life must go on. We must persevere through this tragedy. We must continue together to fight hate and terrorism.

Life must go on. Different as it may be, it must. WE WON'T LET THOSE COWARDS WIN, PERIOD.

That is why I will start to gather all UK STi information/photos/etc I can and post them. We are that much closer to getting our STi. By next Monday (9/24), there will be some new information on the site, I promise.

Again, my prayers and best wishes go out to everyone affected by this tragedy. GOD BLESS THE USA!

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