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We figured we would make this years holiday season a little sweeter by offering this SS1 Fall Special!

Through the end of November we are offering our famous SS1 Subaru Short Block with installation labor the required parts for only $7,400!!

TopSpeed SS1 Short Block

For the enthusiast that wants a sub 450 awhp street car or simply needs a new shortblock after a ringland failure, our SS1 (Street Series ONE) is just the ticket. This motor has been tested at the track, the drag strip, and driven hard, and it still uses LESS than a half quart of oil per 3k miles. We have these in countless customer cars running over 400awhp and they perform flawlessly.

Thanks to our long standing relationship with Subaru they only send us their very best. What that means to you is a factory short block with all matching bore sizes.

Combine high quality parts with our in house engine assembly and our race proven attention to detail and its a package that can't be equaled. The final product is a fully forged engine with factory like reliability and TopSpeed Quality.

Engine Specifications:
Our engines are all built with tolerances that we have developed both through racing in the Redline time attack series and testing in our own personal cars.

Our SS1 short block starts out life as a fresh short block from Subaru with all matching bore sizes. Everything is then checked and TSM Spec CP pistons are installed in the bores using our race winning tolerances.


-New Subaru 2.5L engine
-CP TSM Spec Pistons
-Forged EJ257 Crankshaft
-Forged EJ257 Connecting rods

SS1 Short Block Fall Special Includes:

-SS1 Short Block
-New Subaru OEM Timing Belt
-New Subaru OEM Timing Belt Tensioner
-New Subaru OEM STi 11mm Oil Pump
-TSM Spec Water Pump with Cast Impeller
-Killer B Oil Pickup
-Heads checked by machine shop to ensure top quality
-TSM Precision Assembly
-Break-in Tune by Doug

Call and speak with Mike today with any questions!

*price does not include tax and being that every build is different some additional parts or services may be required.
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