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Trying to spec my future build, wanted input

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I'm trying to lay out the motor build for my car for when it finally bites the dust. I've been all over the place reading different forums on turbo cars and their builds. Figured I'd run my thoughts by the iwsti community for recommendations or insight.

Plans for the car: To take it from the gas station (93 pump) and drive to the grocery store, the drag strip, a road track, and drive home the same way she left the house. While it isn't a warrior. So the baddest mamma jamma I can put only pump gas into with my current turbo.

What I currently have:
Blouch Dom 1.5XTR 10cm housing
Cobb Turboback
1000cc Injectors
Fuel pump
Perrin FMIC

What I know I need prior/during motor build:
Clutch - Looking at twin disc
TGV Deletes - No brainer with the motor coming apart

What I'm looking for inside the built motor:
Forged rotating assembly
Killer B oil pickup

What I'd like to toss into the built motor that I have questions on:
GSC S1 or Kelford 220-B cams maybe S2/220-C
normal size or oversized valves
8.2:1 8.5:1, or 9:1 compression

Cams - Stage 1 cams from either GSC or Kelford, seem to be quite similar between the two, nothing at the moment sways me either way. I chose the Stage 1 version over the Stage 2 as with my turbo a larger cam isn't recommended. However, seeing that *gasp* evo owners have tossed in 272 cams on stock turbo and picked up gains over 264 cams also makes me wonder about going to a Stage 2 cam.

Valve sizes - With what my car is currently packing and what it stands to gain with cams I don't think that oversized valves will help my situation. Just because the hole is bigger doesn't mean that it'll flow faster with my setup. The thought behind this seems to be similar to the intake manifolds for our cars, doesn't do much until you start making a lot more power.

Compression ratio - Oh god, not another one of those questions in this section. Most of the times I've seen this pop up it hasn't denoted cams or turbo size. I know that for a larger cam you'll lose some dynamic compression, and you can make that back up by increasing static compression. I have a feeling that it could go either way so far, stock compression on stock cams works well. However once I add the more aggressive Stage 1 or possibly Stage 2 cam, should I increase my static compression, if so by how much? I'm thinking 8.5:1

I look back on my goal for the car, it isn't a whp goal, it's just to be the baddest street car it can be on pump gas while getting everything out of that Dom 1.5 turbo with good manners. Kind of like the girl that rocks your world in the bedroom with your dirtiest fantasies but you can still feel safe with her and your mother going out to run errands.
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