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Subie made it to 1300 miles before major issues came. Trollbaru has been trolling me hard for the last 5 days. Subie literally shuts off while driving, or once you turn it off it dies and wont start till its cool.
We had cam control issues before with installing the aem ecu so i started there. No luck.
Moved on to replacing avcs solenoids, crank and cam sensors and no luck.

Dived into the fuel system because i noticed the 2 walbro 450s in the surge tank werent screaming like they once did. Thought maybe they were bad so i bypassed them and ran off the main in tank pump 450. To my suprise i kept popping the 30amp fuse immediately.

Checked ground of fuel pump with ground off and was still grounded!
I ripped my seat out, half my center console and matting. I followed power line behind the steering bracket and walla, the ****ing line had rubbed the rubber coating off against the edge of the steering bracket and kept intermittently shorting the in tank pump.
Which starved the surge tank, while also ****ing with voltages from the sensors and aem ecu.
It also kept popping my cigar/mirror fuse.

Patched up the line, took off surge tank bypass and everything worked like a dream

Moral of the story, wiring/ voltage issues remain the biggest pain in the ass no matter what brand of car. Always make sure wires have room to move and will not rub to the point they short.

Other than that, shes driving perfect again.
Its breaking necks everywhere and people really enjoy looking at it and hearing it. When i open the wastegate they get the biggest smile haha

More dangerously If someone wants to challange it usually encites other people with normal econo cars to jump in, i didn't know it be that enticing for the average joe lol not a pretty sight to see multiple random people racing suddenly on the freeway around traffic. Theres a time and place for everything and thats not one of them
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