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Tri-State Subbbbieeee Fest: Sunday, September 29, 2013, 11:00am - 7:00pm in EDT

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Good morning!

Many of you haven't met or know who I am but, my name is Rob Ferone, and I come from a completely different KDM world and was always heavily involved with meets/shows/get togethers and in my eyes had a pretty bad ass genesis coupe :D

Towards the tail end of July I picked up my brand new 2013 STI WSP Hatch and love it! I am extremely active in the Facebook groups and already going ape sh*t with the car :lol:

So check it out, in the Tri-State STI/WRX groups we are talking about setting up a meet for the end of summer


Location 1: Ross Dock Picnic Area; Location information Ross Dock Picnic Area | Palisades Interstate Park in New Jersey

Location 2: Bear Mountain: Location information Bear Mountain State Park - NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation

Food, drinks, activities, and hopefully photography will be provided by everyone :)

AND if you have any friends who don't own a Subaru they are more then welcome to come.

2 Separate Caravans will be setup that I can speak to. I will handle the Central/Southern NJ caravans.... Navdeep Kang will be in charge of the LI/NY Caravan to come to either location.

To join up please click the link for the facebook event, and if you want to join up for the best Tri-State discussions join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/433333960069354/
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We still haven't decided on which spot we prefer both have awesome backdrops for photos, and areas to BBQ, play sports and enjoy the weather!

WOOPS modds you could close this one, didnt realize there was a dedicated section for meets/shows
this is going to be at Bear Mountain 100%

Grills, food, photography to be done!

Rob Ferone
2013 WSP STi Hatch
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