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91TB78 said:
Hold out for sure.
ditto. what he and others have said.

in april ' 02, i totaled my dearly departed 91 se-r. i was pissed off, not so much as loosing my the first car i ever purchased new, but that now i had to figure out what to do given the sti was due in early '03. i *briefly* considered a motorcycle but realized i wouldn't live to see the sti. i seriously considered buy or leasing a wrx. i came to my senses, hit autotrader.com and bought a '91 nx for a little over $2k. it's a car i've always like/wanted (under the skin it's exactly an se-r) and it has t-tops; *love 'em*. the car was cheap and lots of fun to drive. i'll keep it after getting the sti. y'know, for those warm sunny spring/fall days when driving is 100% more enjoyable without a roof over your head. (i think clonegts would concur with that. :) )
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