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TP stage 1 etune to TP stage 2 etune

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I've read somewhere (don't remember where) that going from a TP stage 1 Etune to a TP stage 2 Etune with a downpipe only doesn't yield a whole lot extra, since their stage 1 tunes are already squeezing so much more power out of the engine (2013 WRX). I don't care about actual numbers, If I'm not going to feel it I don't know that I'm interested.

The thing pulls so hard now I can't imagine a whole bunch more without more than a downpipe.

I was looking for that "gotta-get-around-you-on-the-onramp" push, or the "oops, that's-my-exit-on-the-right-and-I-don't-want-to-downshift" oompf.

Thanks for being kind to a new member.
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I saw a huge difference in drivability when going to catless downpipe...
^ ditto same here i love my TQ preformance map.
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